What’s so special about SON’s nanoparticles?

SON’s nanoparticles are highly characterised and perfectly reproducible.

Why does this matter? The performance of nanoparticles is dictated by the quality of their surface. Which is why SON made this its forte.

Nanoparticle reproducibility is vital to ensuring consistently repeatable reactions. SON’s nanomaterials therefore guarantee easily repeatable results.


Iron oxide nanoparticles offer unrivalled versatility for a range of applications, covering everything from nanotechnology to medicine.

Purity and quality

Our product meets stringent quality control standards. Each batch comes with a detailed certificate of analysis, which ensures consistent, reliable performance.

Magnetic properties

Due to the inherent magnetism of iron oxides, these nanoparticles exhibit unique magnetic properties, opening doors to innovative applications in fields including medical technology and electronics.

SON’s iron oxide nanoparticles are designed to satisfy the needs of researchers and manufacturers alike, ensuring irreproachable quality and repeatability.