Smart, sustainable nanocatalysts

SON has developed a range of smart, sustainable nanocatalysts. They provide a cost-effective way of improving catalytic reactions while also being highly environmentally friendly.

Catalysts, when nanometric in scale, have unique physical and chemical characteristics that make them more efficient than standard variants (thanks mainly to their large specific surface area).

For what application?

SON is now proud to provide practical, industrial solutions for the fine chemistry and green chemistry sectors.

This technology means the use of critical metals in catalytic processes can be reduced while also minimising losses.


  1. Simplified purification: SON’s technology makes it possible to rapidly purify the catalysis medium thanks to a smart magnetisation system.
  2. Superior performance: nanoparticles provide a much larger reaction contact surface than is possible in conventional catalysis. The result is a yield 40% higher than conventional catalysis methods.
  3. Considerable cost savings: SON’s technology requires 100 times fewer precious metals than the alternatives.
  4. Nanocatalyst recovery: thanks to an ingenious magnetisation system, SON’s nanocatalysts can be recovered and reused in up to 10 further catalytic cycles. They fall within a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to chemistry. The recovery and reuse of SON’s nanocatalysts generates significant productivity gains.

A truly one-of-a-kind product: SON’s nanocatalyst technology is patented.