An obsession with infinite precision

Designer and producer of nanoparticles

We’re surface engineers. Our expertise is currently unique in the world. Our objective is to provide simple or multifunctional nanoparticles with unrivalled uniformity and characterisation.

We create
We create

We develop nanoparticles. Our product catalogue features a comprehensive range of standardised products.

We also produce custom nanomaterials that are designed and developed to meet your specific needs and technical requirements.

SON’s services are for companies of all kinds. We’re now able to scale up to any volume to suit anyone’s and everyone’s needs.


We produce
We produce

We manufacture nanoparticles. Our production capacities allow us to satisfy all types of request.

SON also produces nanomaterials for third parties in order to help support other nanoparticle industry stakeholders.

A revolutionary production process

The production process devised by SON is like no other in the world. It is the result of years of intensive research and development conducted by our team of nanotechnology experts.

Our innovative approach makes it possible for us to include stringent quality control procedures at every stage in the design and manufacturing of our nanoparticles. This is how we can guarantee an end product that perfectly fulfils your requirements.

An elite team

Our company was founded in 2020 and is built on the research of two chemistry researchers from the University of Burgundy:

Jérémy PARIS

Jérémy PARIS

SON CEO with a PhD in chemistry specialising in nanotechnologies
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Lecturer at the Institut de Chimie Moléculaire (Institute of Molecular Chemistry)
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Our team of world-class scientists and engineers delivers groundbreaking work.

A production plant and engineering facility focused on innovation

Our plant in Burgundy, France, has been designed to satisfy the most stringent requirements.

A total of 150 m² of space is devoted to the creation of your nanomaterials.

Our laboratory and facilities mean we can guarantee the highest possible quality.

A team of engineers and scientists

Our team of engineers is continually improving and works day in day out to make sure you can benefit from highly characterised, reproducible nanoparticles.

SON’s R&D team constantly has its finger on the pulse of the latest technological developments in order to better anticipate our customers’ needs.

Our engineers are always striving to develop new solutions, whether in terms of improving existing nanoparticles or designing new nanomaterials that will enable entirely new applications.

A state-of-the-art technical platform

Surface analysis

TGA (obtaining surface coverage rate) and measurement of zeta potential (analysing the surface charge of NPs and studying colloidal stability)


DLS (measuring the size of nanoparticles in solution) and TEM (measuring the size of nanoparticles and photographing them)

Characterisation of chemical composition

IR spectroscopy (identifying the molecular composition of a nanomaterial) and UV-VIS spectroscopy (determining the absorption spectrum)

Why work with us?

Innovation and performance

We save you both time and money

Our reproducible, rigorously characterised nanoparticles mean your research work can progress much more quickly.

This also means the potential for error and costly setbacks is significantly reduced.

As a result, time to market is greatly reduced and your chances of success are greatly increased.

This is the virtuous circle of nanotechnology.

Reliability and precision

Your teams can work with a consistent set of specifications and properties

This is possible thanks to many years of research focused on ensuring perfect characterisation and high reproducibility between batches of nanomaterials.

This kind of quality ensures that your experiments can be easily replicated. As a result, your findings are more robust and reliable.

There are no surprises with SON; you know what you’re buying. Each batch comes with a detailed certificate of analysis.

Regulatory compliance

SON satisfies all regulatory and legal requirements.

The company will provide its customers with all the data necessary for regulatory declarations, particularly for R-Nano, for example.

Protecting People and the Environment

We actively contribute to promoting more environmentally friendly chemistry.

By providing innovative environmental remediation solutions, cleaner catalysts, and addressing the issue of nanowaste, SON plays an active role in building a sustainable future. Our work in the field of nanomedicine is consistent with this commitment.