Water treatment: a major environmental issue

Removing pollution from water resources is of critical importance for our planet and for everything that lives on it.

There are serious consequences to the accumulation of metals in aquatic ecosystems due to their impact on biodiversity and food chain quality. Plus, these toxic substances can contaminate our drinking water. Appropriate management of industrial waste and wastewater is essential to limiting the impact of heavy metals on both public health and the natural environment.

Our response: DepolluSon

Removing pollution from water is of critical concern. This is why SON chose to develop a range of nanoparticles capable of capturing metals in wastewater for the purposes of environmental remediation; this technology is called DepolluSon.

SON developed this technology to detect and catch metals in water and subsequently retrieve them. The use of multifunctional nanoparticles enables metal ions in wastewater to be captured.

How do these multifunctional nanoparticles work?

They are DTPA-functionalised iron oxide nanoparticles.

The advantages of SON:

Ease of use

The superparamagnetic properties of SPIOs make it easy to recover and remove metal particles.

Optimised costs

DepolluSon allows costly critical metals to be reclaimed and recycled.


DepolluSON allows you to target and capture a specific metal, depending on your needs.

A clean, long-lasting solution

DepolluSon lastingly reduces the amount of chemical pollution in water.