Discover the history, background and goals of SON

Our History

SON is a start-up that resulting from years of research in the fields of molecular chemistry and nanotechnology at the University of Burgundy. Such a unique connection between these two fields makes the specificity of our nanoparticles possible.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to guide manufacturers on the path of nanotechnologies in order to facilitate the integration and adoption of nanotechnologies in many fields (medical, environment and catalysis).

Our mission

To guide our customers to the nanotechnology field, thanks to our expertise in the design
and manufacturing of nanoparticles while preserving the environment.

Our vision

Our expertise in design, development and manufacturing synthesis of nanoparticles fosters
our vision: “Accelerate the industrialization process of nanotechnologies". 


Jérémy Paris, PhD 

CEO & co-founder
Doctor in physics - chemistry (specialized in nano) from the University of Burgundy, Jérémy has 10 years of experience in the design, manufacture and characterization of nano-objects. He also holds a master's degree in business administration from IAE Dijon.

Pierre-Emmanuel Doulain, PhD

CTO & co-founder
Doctor of chemistry from the University of Burgundy, Pierre-Emmanuel has 8 years of experience in the synthesis and characterization of organic molecules. Pierre-Emmanuel is also a chemical engineer from ENSCM.

Richard Decréau, PhD 

Advisor scientific & co-founder
Richard is associate professor of chemistry at the Université de Bourgogne Franche Comté. After a postdoc at UCL and 10 years at Stanford University, he obtained a CNRS Chaire d'Excellence upon his arrival in Dijon to open up new avenues in imaging and molecular therapy (CLI, PDT).
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