Our made synthesis services


The SON company is developing synthesis processes for the production of nano-objects (such as, nanoparticles, functionalized nanoparticles, etc.) in bulk quantities. For instance the synthesis of SPIO (superparamagnetic iron oxide) has been developed at the kilogram-scale.

Our "scale-up" department can supply quantities ranging from a few tens of grams up to one kilogram scales

Custom synthesis

You have a specific need, our "Custom" service can help you produce your nanoparticles according to your specifications.
We can design, develop and manufacture your nanoparticles whatever the intended application. We can work from your production process or develop a new process.
SON has expertise and know-how in: - Synthesis of raw and functionalized nanoparticles - Surface functionalization of nanoparticles - The attachment of various molecules (catalysts, therapeutic molecules, ...) to the surface of nanoparticles. 


Do you need more characterization data on the nanoparticle you have synthesized ?
Call our Analytical Chemistry Department.

Waste Handling

We remove your nanoparticle-based waste materials to guarantee their proper removal according to the standard procedures.
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